Hot Dog

Cosmote Unlimited - Print campaign

Before a soccer game starts, talk to various street hot dog vendors, looking for the best junk food. They find what they want by the "Doctor of Hunger", who will not only offer them the biggest sandwich, but will also "feed" them with his amazing mottos in the commercial of Bold Ogilvy for the phone contract programmes "Cosmote Unlimited".

We again blend cg, photography ndcreative retouching to develop this visual for the print campaign of Cosmote. Photo shooting took place in OAKA facilities by photographer V.Michail while we took care of the HDRI photography, a process needed in order to transfer the same lighting conditions of the shooting onto the cg elements. Additionally, HDRI offered us true reflections from the actual location, an element impossible to create without hdri data, improving the overall quality of the cgi production stage and helping us in the final post production stage.

Agency layout  

Reference -imaga

Photo-shooting day  
3d development  
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  • Client: Cosmote
  • Agency: Bold Ogilvy & Mather
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