Splitting Headache

Apotel - print campaign

Apotel extra contains paracetamol and caffeine. It constitutes one of the main drugs to cope with acute pain-more specifically, headaches and migraines.

Many times when we have headaches we say “my head will explode”. Therefore, the creative team of Bold Ogilvy came up with the idea of promoting Apotel. Our goal was to create a series of 3 images in which porcelain heads of both men and women would break to pieces but in a way that you could still recognize the head form with ease.

To achieve the final result we took reference photos of 3 human models in order to construct a base model mesh of each one’s head and then smash it in pieces of various shapes and sizes. We approached the simulation of the cracks along with several plugins in various ways. Unfortunately, none of them gave us the level of control we needed over the desirable visual effect, so we applied the difficult method of manually cracking the heads and then carefully positioning the pieces one by one. All the finishing touches and seamless detail was then added in retouch.


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  • Ermis Silver 2010
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  • Client: Apotel
  • Agency: Bold Ogilvy & Mather
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